December 2016

This month has been the hardest month I have experienced since coming to America mainly because of Christmas and normally during the Christmas period I visit my all my family and spend time with them enjoying the winter and the snow all bundled up inside.

This Christmas has been very different, First off I was not bundled up inside because the weather in florida on Christmas day was still very hot and very nice. Secondly I was not surrounded by my family from back home but I was surrounded by my Florida Family instead and lastly my Christmas day was very relaxed compared to normal because at home we travel around to see family.

Christmas away was mainly difficult because my family sent me some presents from home and opening them up while on Skype to them was very emotional. For Christmas we bought a tree for our house to try and lighten the mood and seem more festive. We even put the presents we received under the tree. We all had different plans about who was coming over for Christmas dinner and what was going to happen but luckily on the day everything turned out okay and we had a nice little gathering with people who brought food and different beverages and we had a lovely day full of festivity and fun. I experienced many different tastes of Christmas dinner from all over the world and even got a laugh out of some people trying ‘pigs in blankets’ for the first time!

The day started off great with a type call from my family then one of my roommates came in with a sausage bun she had made for me, I then joined the rest of my roommates in the living room all in our pjs eating sausage and bacon buns! That’s when I knew Christmas was going to be okay 🙂 We had many people over and it was a good chance to socialise and all help each other get over our homesickness.

So this December and Christmas was very different from every other year but I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t change it for the world. ❤


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